The Fantasy World of Alkairos

The plausibility of a conworld came to me when I was sixteen. Living in a fantasy world or creating your own world was something that I became obsessed about since as far as I can remember. What is a conworld if nothing but a fantasy world, a paracosm, a place to just use as a framework and create from?

A conworld came easy to me rather than writing a book or story. With stories, there needs to be a message bound between its chapters. A fantasy world just needs to be what it is, and nothing more.

Places, characters, creatures, magical items, everything. I had so many half written stories in my mind, and it felt awful to just leave them hidden, so I put them out by bits on the web. I published some artwork, designs and poetry, but it felt more like analyzing the remnants of a lost civilization, rather than experiencing the continuously fresh ideas that kept popping into my head, from this fantastical place.

After many months of sporadic note taking and scribbling, I finally decided to materialize this world onto pages of content and images that I could go back to. The result was an online guidebook of sorts, a digital index of a world that encompasses everything I had ever imagined.

I named this world Alkairos. It still needs more work, but I've written enough of it to be published online. As more ideas and artwork comes out, I'll be adding it to the web site, both to keep updating it and to keep creating more art.

Alkairos is a fantasy world that became an extension of my creative writing and drawing. It wasn't meant to be the final product of my artwork, but only part of the process. However, I think that making a fantasy world accessible online would help to place some art in a better context than simply publishing work without access to the meaning behind it.

And that's what this crazy fantasy world is to me. A secret vice, and the place where my ideas go to grow.

Link: The World of Alkairos

A Fantasy World Named Alkairos

Natalie Orcen - Original Character

Natalie Orcen

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