Faith Arts Village Orlando - May 2015

Art by: Josenti Larochelle

The Faith Arts Village Orlando (FAVO) keeps surprising me after every visit. I've talked before about FAVO and why would I visit again, and I have. The re-purposed motel on Colonial Dr and Highland Ave in Downtown Orlando has become a must-see art spot every first Friday, where artists from all walks of life gather into artist studios built out of motel rooms. This is what I saw.

What's The Orlando Artists Critique Group About?

This month I had the chance to stop by an artists gathering in Orlando where they share their artwork and do art critiques. Once a month, The Barefoot Spa along with Parker Sketch, join to turn the massage business into a place where artists can have a place to share, relax and talk about art.

Whether you're an art novice, a professional artist or an art lover, here's some reasons why this could be an art group you might want to check out:

Artist: Parker Sketch / Photo by Gretchen Smith

The Simple Truth About Gratitude

Murals on buildings in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The feeling of gratefulness alone is not enough to complete the feel good cycle. I think as artists, we must show that we are grateful to those who help us feel that way, even if it's only on the little things, because even the smallest of gestures can go a long way. And this is how I came to understand that.

Designing Symbols For A Fantasy World

It's been about a week since I finished designing all the main symbols for the fantasy world of Alkairos. Creating the iconography that would represent nations, government, social classes, military, and even religion was an eye-opening experience, it has allowed me to understand how iconography can be used in new ways to represent new concepts using the culturally familiar.

A Fantasy World Named Alkairos

The plausibility of a conworld came to me when I was sixteen. Living in a fantasy world or creating your own world was something that I became obsessed about since as far as I can remember. 

Natalie Orcen

Natalie Orcen is one of the older original characters from The Story Stockpile, first designed around 2004. She carries a sword that has the ability to extract feelings of hatred from other people -but at a cost-

How Adventures Begin

There always was something about the bigger picture of Pokemon that stuck with me. I never really knew how to put it on words until one day it hit me, and then I made this image.

What I took out of it was simple.


Gaia Online request for Devon
from a special friend :)

Piek Arantza

Piek is a character from The Story Stockpile. His story is mostly shrouded in mystery, but of what I do know,

Bijabi Raaisel

Bijabi is a special character, probably one of the firsts in The Story Stockpile. He dates back from the turn of the century, and as an advanced alien lifeform, he has taken many forms through the years.