The Barbed-Wire Batter

Character Design

Creative Limit Infinity

Limit Sign Series: 2 of 4
"Creative Limit Infinity"

Lag Vonesse Halter

Lag Vonesse Halter

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Love Has No Limit

Limit Sign Series: 1 of 4
"Love Has No Limit"

Art Preview - September

Next Artwork coming up:

The Hacker Princess
The Barbed-wire Batter

The Alien Warrior
The Outlaw Powerhouse

#Selfie 2014

Self Portrait, 2014

Belle Monroe

OC Request for Azlein

Art Gallery Hop - July 2014

Gallery Pictures from Downtown Orlando's Third Thursday Art Gallery Hop on July 2014

  • Taste of Church Street
  • "What The Dickens?" Art Show
  • A Quill's Song, Solo Art Show
  • 8th Annual Sensory Overload Art Show
  • Lions on Wall Street
  • "Ginormous!" Art Show

(37 images)

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The King of Unbroken Hearts

Playing with new coloring style. Love how it came out :)

June 2014's Art Critique

Every month, a group of artists gather to share our artwork and give good critique. I love going. Here's some pictures from June's :) Really good and diverse art styles!

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